About Troy


I am a transit dependent and politically engaged resident of the City of Tacoma.

Dedicated to the development of swift and effective integrated transportation systems, I believe that re-organizing the existing physical assets of our region will permit us to construct the transit backbone of a sustainable Pugetopolis.

As a land surveyor and cartographer, I have the privilege of working on much of our region’s most important new transit infrastructure, and I bring that knowledge—along with my six years of experience in passenger rail operations—to the pages of this blog.

An avid researcher, theorist and strong proponent of rail transit, I aim to become an agent of change who employs international best practices to transform rail operations in this region.

Let us start a conversation that brings forth real transformation.


2 thoughts on “About Troy

  1. Troy – I love your blog and work. Any chance we could meet for a beer some time and discuss plots to advance rail travel and freight movement?

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